A Musician Playing Bass Guitar


Kealan Kenny is a multi-instrumentalist producer and freelance musician from Cork, Ireland. With a long list of recording work as a session player, spanning over the last ten years, he has racked up an extensive body of work in studio settings as a guitarist and pedal steel player working with over forty artists/bands such as: Toucan, Emma Langford, Sara Ryan, Aodan Coyne, Beyond the Wash, and countless others. As a  touring player, he has performed  in some of the most iconic venues across the globe such as The Royal Albert Hall (London), Cork Opera House, Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Pianos (New York City)  to name a handful along with various European Tours/Festival circuits. Having achieved a BA degree in Popular music and a first-class honors MA degree in performance, both from the Cork School of Music, Kealan has a strong formal education in his field. Having co-founded his own studio in 2017, Kealan is no stranger to producing, mixing and creating a positive and productive workflow.


"My approach to music, be it in a recording/production context or in a performance capacity has always remained the same. Simplicity, space and taste is always king. I think of music as an expression of personality, almost like a conversation, and the ability to listen is fundamental. Whenever I play on a session or a gig, I try to zoom out of my own part and hear what the song needs. In that sense, I would consider being a good player to be a good producer because it involves an understanding of the overall picture, rather than an ego-fueled battle of sounds."