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Cork singer-songwriter Ruth Brosnan knows the music business from many sides: in 2018, when she graduated from Cork School of Music with a First Class Honors BA in Popular Music, she moved to Los Angeles to work with Love Harmony Records in their PR/Media and Digital Marketing departments. While there, she entered one of her songs in the prestigious Great American Song Contest, winning a place in the finals of the Inspirational category. A debut single, Good Enough, soon followed, and its success was such that it set Ruth on a different path within the music industry. Goodbye record company, hello recording artist.



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For an astute artist whose strongest traits include compassion, emotional intelligence and communication skills, the creativity involved in the songwriting process, notes Ruth, transcends the inevitable frustrations. “Normally, when writing songs, I focus first on the melody and choruses as they are the determining factors in what makes a hit! Sometimes, the melodies come to me randomly and unexpectedly, and sometimes I work through them at the piano with different chord progressions. More recently, I’ve found myself prioritizing titles and lyrics, as they also can draw a listener in and define a song or make it memorable. As with every facet of creativity,the process can occasionally be a bit frustrating, particularly if you are spending a lot of time at one song and you can’t seem to crack it. Most of all, though, it’s enjoyable and exciting and always an opportunity for growth and learning. It’s quite simple, really - the more songs you write, the better you get.”

Other ultra-catchy singles followed Good Enough, with Toodle-oo and Electric Gold each receiving serious support on every online streaming platform you can think of. Ruth credits her unaffectedness and creative style as her USPs and aims to be acknowledged for her distinctive sound, relatable lyrics, melodic productions and energetic performances. She says that as a songwriter, creating awareness and conversation around the topics of mental health and well-being are key objectives. “I feel my purpose is to help others heal through my songs, and I want my listeners to feel good vibrations and have positive thoughts after listening to them.” In tandem with Ruth’s songs is a keen awareness of their presentation. Her experience of having worked on the other side of the desk (so to speak) has undoubtedly given her an acute awareness of how important this is. Being influenced by artists such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kesha and Dua Lipa it is no surprise that for her, performing is “going beyond the ordinary and being an experience for people.”

Toodle-ooRuth Brosnan
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The upbeat energetic pop dance song pulls me towards the liking of the hit song Flashdance from the 80’s with deep bass, synth lines and what sounds like a timpani incorporated within the pop beat; and who doesn’t like Flashdance; what. feeling!

- Music Talks

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