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Ross is an up and coming singer songwriter from Cork, Ireland.


Ross uses music to make sense of difficult emotions and experiences faced in life. His debut EP 'Rebirth' comes from a place of grief and disarray. The 4 track EP deals with heavy topics i.e. coping with a loved one suffering with dementia, the death of a family member, and the loss of a love interest to the modalities of modern society. Ross describes the EP as a coping mechanism for someone experiencing grief.


Ross uses his unique vocal grit and hard hitting lyrics to evoke emotion in the listener, the mission of his music is to help people to feel grounded in times of turmoil. Ross writes 'sad music' to help the listener feel connected to the world when dealing with tragedy. When asked about this in a newspaper interview he said 'When a person is experiencing sorrow it's easy to fall into a state of depression and  loneliness, my music is there to help the listener feel as though they aren't so alone and someone else can relate, this can be extremely comforting during hard times.'


Ross takes most of his inspiration from his favorite artist and fellow Irishman Dermot Kennedy. He is also an avid fan of Keaton Henson and Matt Maeson.

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